TOKYO BRASS STYLE @ Nagoya good’n cool



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today TOKYO BRASS STYLE had a show without any act at  Nagoya Good’n Cool in Aichi prefecture .

I have played as member of TOKYO BRASS STYLE for about 4months .

Getting used to it , but still feel nervous every single time.

Songs are interesting. Arrangements are cool. Members are always kind and professional , and also funny .

That’s why I like them ; )♪

We performed total 14 songs include double encore.

The venue was packed , thanks for coming everyone !! My bass guitar mate was also there ; ) ♪♪









BTW…. I was so surprised …… When I found a lady at the venue ….

My sister . lol 

She lives in a far place but she drove all the way to  see my  performance , and never told me .lol   She came to see me snaky !!lol

Thanks my sis , everyone  told  me how sweet my sister is. Yes she is the greatest . I’m proud of her.

But I got  f**king nervous because of her !! lol

When my family see my performance (it’s quite rare tho), Feels like” I gotta show my best performance in my life !!! “…lol


Anyways , I’m glad that I saw  my sis today .



See ya!!!


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