Thursday Live!! @ Roppongi La vie en Rose


Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today I had a gig at Roppongi La vie en Rose in Tokyo .


Today’s member is

guitar : Lyka

bass : Juna

drums : Mai

vocal : Kayo

We played tons of songs. Jazz, funk, rock, etc…

The vocalist Kayo is especially good at Rock . She sang Move Over and that was great .

Im gonna have a gig at the same place on March 7th !! There will be a cute keyboard player too on the day 😘


See ya!!!





〜pick up event 〜

3月24日 TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI @モーションブルー横浜

自由席 4,500 yen 税込/ BOX 18,000 + シートチャージ4,000yen

open_5:00pm / showtime_6:30pm

ご予約は こちら から!


 Juna and The Sauce @下北沢RPM

Sunday Afternoon Show

~ Juna and The Sauce & ごさきりかこtrio 〜

予約3,500yen / 当日4,000 yen

12:30 open 13:00 start




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TOKYO BRASS STYLE @ Wakkanai Sogo Bunka Center


Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!!

Today TOKYO BRASS STYKE had a concert in Wakkanai !!

The drummer Rikako and the sax player Megumi , they will graduate from the band today … 😭 So it is the last chance to perform with them as band member .

Today’s set list was kinda agressive 😂

I played bass solo on 2 songs .

In the band , we all have solo parts .

When I hear other instruments solo, it makes me motivated a lot .

Feels like I gotta be great like them!

And we collaborated two songs with students too !!

They looked  a little bit nervous but they did great job !! I’m proud of them .

Thanks for coming everyone !!!


I hope I will come to Wakkanai again soon ..💕

See ya !!

After school project: day 3




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!! 


The band I’m in called TOKYO BRASS STYLE  Appears on two newspapers  in Hokkaido !!

That is about our concert which takes place tomorrow and teaching  students .

We are always proud of the thing we do .

; )




This morning , we went to teach  Wakkanai east junior high school .

There was no bass guitar player , so I teach students who play percussion .

I think they are kinda shy, but they did very well.

That was a nice meeting you guys!!


And also this afternoon , we teached students of Wakkanai high school and Wakkanai south junior high school  at tomorrow’s concert venue .

It was kinda hectic day but I really enjoyed it !!

There are two bass guitar boys in Wakkanai high school.  They are great !!! According to them, they normally only play the uplight bass in the brass band. Their fingering was beautiful , and also they read music charts very well. And they can slap much faster than me !! lol

I’m so shocked !! I gotta practice harder and harder !!!


Anyway , we all play together tomorrow !!!  That will be a huge brass band.  I can’t wait !!!



See ya!!





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After School Project@Shiomigaoka junior high school




Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today TOKYO BRASS STYLE went to teach students in brass band of Shionomi junior high school .

The time is short but I can say they already changed a lot !!

There is a glockenspiel player here,  it made the songs really cool. I like it.

We’re gonna perform together at out concert on 24 th too. I’m so excited about it.!!

See ya!!






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After school project @ Otani high school .




Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today TOKYO BRASS STYLE came to Wakkanai in Hokkaido !!


Today’s our mission is teaching students in Otani high school.

Mostly high school brass band doesn’t have bass guitar player but today there is the one!!!

And she has exactly the same strap with me . lol What a coincidence .lol

She is a nice bass guitar payer , I couldn’t believe she is still student !

The percussion team was very serious to take Rikako’s lesson . I’m so impressed by them .

As demonstration , we played three songs.

That was a nice day : )



See ya !!




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jam session @ Shimokitazawa RPM


Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I was hosting a jam session at Shimokitazawa RPM.

The member 

Sax: Miho Terachi 

Guitar  : Yujin Shimoda

Bass : Juna Serita

Drums : Simon McDowell 


We played two songs as host performance too besides jam sessions .

I often play with this drummer called Simon McDowell , he is great.

He played for my birthday show as back band too. Appreciate .

Anyway thanks for coming everyone !! Both musician and listener !

We’re gonna host jam session next month too!


See ya!!







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Mayu’s new repertory



Hey guys I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a performance at Giga Bar Tokyo in Minami-Aoyama.

Today’s vocalist is Mayu Hiramatsu.She is younger than me but very calm and considerate . 


Today’s vocalist is Mayu Hiramatsu.She is younger than me but very calm and considerate .

Today  we played her new repertory song Mama Knows Best byJessie J.

I thought the song should be very difficult to sing , but she killed  it .

She is an awesome singer I often play with.


See ya!!





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Live streaming





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


For a long time I was thinking that I wanna do some live streaming.

However  I was not sure which  app I should use .

The reason I wanna do live streaming is,


・promotion (to new people ; )

・to practice  speaking English (I need more chance to speak English ; )

・to be used to stand out (I’m super shy actually ;  )

・to earn while traveling too (I gotta pay the rent and it’s expensive for me ;  )




Since  these reasons , I chose the app called LIVE ME. ; )

My ID is 43509845

I might start this weekend .  So could you add me and be ready ♡?

Thanks ; )


See ya!

Juna and The Sauce @ Shinjuku I Music Bar





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a gig of my own band called Juna and The Sauce at Shinjuku I MUSIC BAR.

This is the event of bass guitar players.


I performed 5 songs .

Actually it’s my first time to meet this  backup musicians!

The owner of the bar introduced them to me; )!!

I sent songs and chart just a week ago, but they did really great. I really appreciate.


1 The Princess of Funk

2 The Tiny Voice

3 Good morning heartache

4 Hanter

5 Lovin’ music

Except 3rd song, these are my original song ; ) !

Thanks for coming everyone !!

I’m so glad people say something good about my original song 😉

Because you know, it’s like my children. I made them. They are pretty . And I wanna proud of them.


At the encore , the 3 bass guitar players played together with chicken.

That was fun ; )


I hope I’m gonna have my own gig often this year .


See ya!!!






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



Today I had a gig of TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI at TERRAPLANE in Shibuya,Tokyo.

It’s sold out, thanks everyone ; )!

Today ‘s featuring musician is a sax player Harumo Imai !!! She is badass !!!!

I feel sorry to the people who missed today’s show because Herumo was too AMAZING!!!!

I wanna let more people see her incredible performance .And I really wanna play with her more often!!

Today’s setlist


Round midnight

Run for cover

Loving You

Mercy Mercy Me



Feel like making Love

Let’s Stay Together

Pick Up The Pieces

What is hip

Our next gig is on March 24th at Motion Blue Yokohama.

TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI is playing with Harumo Imai and a gospel vocalist Tia from New York . I can smell it !!! Please book your schedule.



See ya!!!