Showtime birthday gig @ Akasaka Cantina




Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I performed for a guitar player Syo Aoki at his birthday gig which took place  in Akasaka Cantina.


I played the bass guitar both his instrumental trio band and the vocalist Miho Noshita’s set.

He requested me to play so much bass solo . lol

I think I played 4 bass solos in a song maximum . lol

This is the one of it.

And the vocalist Miho’s set. She is produced by Sho Aoki.

We played about 5 songs.

And …. Actually today I just knew Syo’s birthday is exactly the same with mine ; ) ! lol

He was born on January 1st too! What a coincidence ! HBD Syo!


See ya!!






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today also I had a performance at Tokyo City Keiba with Tokyo Brass Style.

I joined the band in the end of September . I’m really happy with it.

This year , actually I was so pressed by remembering all songs , but I can say I’m getting used to it . And getting comfortable .

I’m really looking forward to playing with Tokyo Brass Style in 2019 too !!


And at night , I had performance at Giga bar Tokyo till next morning !!lol

Which means I saw the old year out and the new year in at Giga bar Tokyo !

And you know, it’s my birthday too.

Some people said I have too many birthdays a year because for getting people celebrate .lol  Don’t trust that ! My birthday is only January 1st  ; ) lol You can ask my mom .

The owner of Giga Bar Tokyo gifted me a great champagne ;D!!!!

Thanks a lot !! I drunk a lot of champagne and tequila…..  And I’m hangover now… lol


Thanks everyone .

See ya!!