Juna and The Sauce ~Juna Serita Birthday Live ~@Ikebukuro Absolute Blue



Hey guys!! I’m  a bass & vocalist Juna Serita!!

Today I had my birthday gig at Ikebukuro Absolute Blue !!

It was actually my dream to have a birthday gig as a bass&vocalist  with my favorite musicians ,and at my favorite venue !!!!

The reason I didn’t do it until this year is, like….. “Nobody comes to my birthday gig..” ” I have only few original songs ….most songs are cover is nonsense..”  lol Sorry, probably I’m so negative person more than people think . lol

I just didn’t have confidence for myself.


But , The show went very well ; )!!!!!

Many people came there , the venue got packed and over capacity. I feel sorry to the people who couldn’t have seats… Sorry about that.

1st set

1.The princes of funk(My original song)

2.Lovin’ music (My original song )

3.spark (My original song )

4.The Tiny Voice (My original song)

5.Baby I like what  your doing to me (cover)



2nd set 

7. Good Morning Heartache (cover)

8.Hunter (My original song)

9.I’ m ready (cover )

10.Put your hands up (Ryan’s original song )

11.Run for cover (cover )


12 . encore: What’s hip  (cover )

Thanks for coming everyone !!!! It got unforgettable memory .

Today’s member

Thanks for great performance !

Many fans gave me birthday gifts…. Thanks a lot.. I can’t appreciate enough.

Actually , now I and my vocal master are planning to release my solo album this year !!!

I’m so excited about it, and can’t wait !!

This year’s my target is , get people to recognize that I’m not only a bass guitar player , but also vocalist !

See ya !!!


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