Tokyo Brass Style @ Tokyo City Keiba day 2


Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Until morning I had a jam session at Shimokitazawa RPM!

There were many bass guitar players , so I was practicing keyboard actually lol  I really don’t know how to play it.

Thanks for coming everyone !! That was a fun session because of you guys ♡ I didn’t feel sleepy at all ; ) !



And at the evening , TOKYO BRASS STYLE had a performance at Tokyo City Keiba again ; ) !

Me , and the keyboard player Ayu-Kang . She is younger than me but I respect her a lot !! My favorite player ♡

The illumination was awesome !! I think our music really fit the illumination !

One of the audience  was saying we did better than yesterday .

Getting better day by day is the most important thing for musician♪♪

Oh we ate pizza for dinner at the dressing room !!

yum yum ♡


See ya!!

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