Takaraduka university & MAJUMO gig



Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today I had a performance at Takaraduka university in Shinjuku  with this member .

We played together at MINI’s party last week ; )  I’m happy that we could play again.

The vocalist Ryosuke Itamiya is also a teacher of the university . He teach about Rock Music Theory and today’s show is one of the classes .

His class is very unique.  The students who can take his class is so lucky ! I can say so.

We played many Christmas songs and also his original song.

The time schedule was tight , we couldn’t afford to sound-check but I think the performance was quite nice !

Thanks everyone !

This is the member and some people who helped to make this stage.

Have a nice year !!



And at night, I had a gig of the trio band MAJUMO in Yushima.

Guitar: Makoto Takahashi

Bass : Juna Serita

Drums : Momoko Aoki


We played Makoto’s original songs and also some cover songs.

The 1st set was our gig but the 2nd set was jam session !! Everyone can join in .

We enjoyed blues session . I know I like blues ,but today I was feeling  something special.

Actually I was thinking about different things, kinda negative  stuff …lol   While we’re jamming with blues.

Then I noticed my timing  , tone, phrase , they were great !!!!

I normally focus on the performance but I realized I feel nervous too much always , I shouldn’t face to it , just play it . And then it’s gonna be cool…..

That should be not easy tho….lol

But anyway, I learned today is , when I play blues,  some blues feeling exactly helps my bass performance . That how music is . Not just saying…


Thanks for coming everyone !!


See ya!!!







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