Tokyo Brass Style in Kitami day 1





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!


I’m in Hokkaido now ! i.

It’s not as cold as I expected . Just comfy ; )

Tomorrow we’re gonna have a concert here and at the 2nd set Tokyo Brass Style and students will collaborate !!

So for that, today Tokyo Brass Style had a clinic for junior high school and high school students in Kitami.


It’s my first time to meet bass guitar players with this project after I joined the band Tokyo Brass Style !!!

I’m so happy about it .  The one is high school student and the other one is junior high school student ; )

They are great bass guitar players. I almost had nothing to say !!

So tomorrow , I’m count on them and gonna play tambourine two song !! That’s gonna be exciting…♪


See ya!!




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