Shooting & jam




Hey guys !! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!

Today I had a shooting for a music video from the morning ; )

Recently my hair had been kinda messed up but today it was so beautiful , appreciate for the skill of the hair makeup artist !  She is amazing .


The shooting went pretty well .

I think it was  biggest studio  I’ve ever been for MV shootings  .

I liked the high-ceilinged room ; )

Actually most difficult thing for me was …

I almost forgot the bass solo part I played  at the recording … lol

That was kinda improvisation.. so I copied my phrase for the shooting .😂

Hopefully my acting will fit the audio .. !!lol

With the member , Drummer Yuriko Seki& Keyboardist Emi Kanazashi .



At night I was hosting jam session with a drummer Masayo “Zen”Nakahata ; )

We all enjoyed both drinking and jamming .

Thanks for coming everyone ! See ya !!!






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