Tokyo Brass Style @ Kasugai technical high school



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Lunch ; ) yum yum

Today, Tokyo Brass Style had a performance for high school students . We visited Kasugai mechanical high school in Aichi prefecture ; )!

They seemed really excited !! We are so glad to see their smile ; )

Set list 

1.Makafushigi Adventure 

2.Chara Hetchara 

3.Carrying You

4.Lupam the Ⅲ

5.Kokoro E

6.A Morning of the Slag Ravine


8.A Cruel Angel’s Thesis

9.Message of Rouge 

10.My neighbor Totoro

11. Odoru Pompokolin

Thanks everyone.

Hopefully we can come back here again someday ; ) !!


I think most songs that I need to memorize is done.

See ya!!



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