Tokyo Brass Style after school project@ Horonobe junior high school



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I’m in Hokkaido now !! Tokyo Brass Style Hokkaido tour began today .

Our boss took us to a ramen restaurant for lunch : D

Tonkotsu soy source soup  : ) yum yum !!!



So we visited Horonobe Junor  High School for After School Project .  

“Tokyo Brass Style After School Project ” is….

The project is , When there is a school (Normaly high school or junior high school ) which wants us to visit , we come there and teach the students how to play the songs well , how to enjoy the songs .  And later  , we will perform together as one group . These are packaged : )


So first , in front of the students we performed only two songs as demonstration : )  And then we practiced together .

Tomorrow and day after tomorrow , we’re gonna have shows . So the students are gonna be on the stage with Tokyo Brass Style day after tomorrow ; ) Only two songs ; ) 

I’m so excited about it ♪


See ya!!!




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