Miho Noshita @ Yotsuya Lotus




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today I had a gig with Miho Noshita at Yotsuya Lotus .

Between the soundcheck to the gig, we went to my favorite  hamburger restaurant ; )♪♪

This is the best hamburger place I’ve ever been in Japan . 

Uhhhhhhhh I’m over the moooooon. ♡

Today’s Member 

Vocal : Miho Noshita 

Guitar  : Showtime

Bass :Juna Serita

Keyboard : Kaneko-san

Drums : Yu-yan

It is my second time to play with the vocalist Miho Noshita ; ) 

 She is not only vocalist , but also model / actress /dancer . Multi-talented artist ;)!!

Her most songs are kinda rock. Then she required me to play very fast bass solo . lol


Normally I don’t play like this , I don’t need to. but I know sometimes the skills help me. : D 

 See ya!!





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