Akane Tajima @ Tachikawa BABEL




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today I had a performance with a singer song writer and also flute & vocal Akane Tajima at Tachikawa BABEL.

She released an album recently . So this is her CD release party ; )

Actually I played the bass guitar for her album too; )  And the songs are on apple music too. Please check it out ; )  

She often have gigs without guitar or keyboard . However today is full member !

Flute & vocal : Akane Tajima

Guitar  : Kenta Kato

Keyboard : Yuri Edo 

Bass  : Juna Serita 

Drums : Masayo “Zen” Nakahata 

This is the same with the recording member ; D

We get better each time .♪

See ya!!!





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