Rie a.k.a. Suzaku @ Shimokitazawa LIVEHOLIC




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a gig with a dope guitar player Rie a.k.a. Suzaku at Shimokitazawa LIVEHOLIC.

The act is   ASTERISM / D_ Drive / Rie a.k.a. Suzaku

Usually there is no chance people can see the  three incredible female guitar players at the same time!! Yuki(D_Drive) ,  HAL-CA(ASTERIZM), Rie a.k.a. Suzaku.

That must be wonderful night .

The live music club was packed from beginning till the end . We couldn’t even move to the stage easily .

I appreciate Rie chose me as the member of Rie a.k.a. Suzaku Special Band. : )

We performed several instrumental music songs and played a lot of solo parts too.

Afterward the vocalist NANA showed up on the stage and we played some metal vocal songs .

It’s been a long time I play metal music .

I was gonna forget how to head-banging ..but I practiced at the rehearsal studio before the gig ; D

According to Rie , I looked like Robert Trujillo(Metallica )because of my long hair . lol    That’s what’s up !

Now I realized my black long hair is for playing metal music . : D


Those are gifted by one of Rie’s fans .

What do you think it is ?

all of them are actually cakes ! lol  I can’t believe it , who came up with this idea…lol

I ate a deep-fried pork cutlet rice bowl .  Yes, it was so sweet ; ) 

Thanks for coming everyone ; ) !  And I enjoyed to play with them ♪♪




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  1. How’s it going, Juna? It seems like a fantastic event. I watched ASTERISM at Saga jouka jazz festival in this year. They are really great. BTW, when you come to Osaka or Kobe for concert or gig. Let me know. I wanna watch your performance but still never watch!

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