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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today’s lunch : )

I do love having meal in Yayoi-Ken . Tastes like home cooking of someone’s mom.


I had a recording all day with jazz fusion piano trio  band Lab.

I brought two bass guitars in the case… 4 strings Fender jazz bass and 5 strings Warwick .

This is the sound engineer Hashimoto-san !! I named him “Hasshi “. Cute nickname ,isn’t it : D ?

The sound became awesome by his great mixing ! Feels like I got great chops  ; )!lol

We recorded 4 songs.  Most likely we’ll record two more songs.

The keyboard player Kodai Taniguchi got the date.  I can’t to wait to listen to it …!!


See ya!!!



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