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Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!


Today ‘s Juna’s Kitchen !!

・fried vegetables ( shiitake mushroom / green onions / carrot / plant egg

・fried meat

・miso soup which has seaweed and tofu


How healthy , isn’t it : D ?



I had bass lessons today too .

One of my students asked me how to improve before next weekend because she will have a gig for the first time in her life .

I checked she play the songs . Actually she really did well .  There are some  points but I was wondering what the things that she can fix before the gig are .


Then I focused on her physical performance .


I wrote it down on white board .( it’s Japanese, sorry if you don’t understand it . )

It means

・Don’t look left hand too much 👀

・Mive the body to music 🎶

・Glissando(it’s only not physical performance )

・Move the neck


At the end of the lesson , I took video of her performance .

I’m pretty sure she got it !! She looked totally different, she is killing it !!

I was so glad like it happened to me . Yey yey !! I hope she will be satisfied about her    first performance in public!!✨


After the lesson , I went to a hookah place  for the first time in a while .

Actually it’s my cup of tea . I can chill . : )

I finally made a ring with puff !!

That was my goal!  I couldn’t do it well at all ever !!

I can’t make it frequently yet but I’m so happy , that’s such a big step : D


See ya !!






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  1. Juna – I’m a big fan. I first became acquainted with your work through Sina_Drums in December, 2017. In a few hours Sina will release your collaboration with her on the song you wrote for her. I am really looking forward to this as are her other fans.

    On another topic, I posted a link on Sina’s Patreon blog to a ‘base vocal’ you published on You Tube on 22-July-2017, . I told them I’d try to contact you about obtaining the lyrics. One fellow said he was ‘spell bound’ and couldn’t take his ears or eyes away from it for one second. I told him I knew exactly what he meant :))

    Please have a wonderful day, and try not to get hookah’d on the hookah. Not healthy for you. And another thing…I think I’m hookah’d on you :))))

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