Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



Today I had a rehearsal all day for a singer called Meajyu .

The drummer Lyle involved me to her project ; )!

Her songs are very verify . Rock, reggae, soul , R&B,pop,etc…

I was so surprised because she is such a powerful vocalist in spite of the fact that she is skinny !! Great !!


Member :

Vocal : MEAJYU

Keyboard: Shinsuke Hirano

Guitar : Tatsuya Domae

Bass : Juna Serita

Drum : Lyle Carr

Chorus : Jessica Imani

Chorus : Walter Jackson

Chorus : Beni k Bates


They sound wonderful ♪♪


I cant’t wait to the show !






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Naoto Kaiho @ Ichikawashi-bunnkakaikann




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a hall concert of Naoto Kaiho at Ichikawa-shi Bunkakaikan in Chiba.


He is musical star ! So most songs on the set list are musical song.

I hadn’t played kinda musical songs ever actually.

At the first rehearsal day(day before yesterday ) , I got music charts and  we played  at sight .  I even didn’t know songs too ….

The songs are totally different with that I normally play. Change the rhythm many times ,change the tempo many times , there are many complicated “rit “, I was confused, so I practiced by myself all day for understanding songs after that.

Now actually I’m really into it because super dramatic !!


I was very nervous but I could relax after it was started .

Anyway the vocalist Naoto Kaiho is fantastic . I got shocked when I hear his voice for the first time. His voice must be one in a billion !!

Appreciate for the good opportunity .


With the guitar player Osato-san ; )!! Thanks for teaching me a lot !

After the concert . I couldn’t help my appetite …..

Curry ; )


See ya!!!







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Buffet : )






Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!


Today I went take a vocal lesson .

I was checking Juna and The Sauce first show ‘s video  Yesterday .

I thought especially vocal is my weak point .
My target should be “ not being a bass guitar player who can sing too . Being a bass guitar player who can sing too AS A VOCALIST “


After the vocal lesson I headed to Hilton Hotel in Shinjuku for performance.

Actually it is my first time to perform at hotels .

Thanks for involving me guys : ) !!


Keyboard & Vocal : Silvère Rhodes
Drums : Alex Dale
Bass : Juna Serita


We played 30 minutes × 4set

They have tons repertories .. old school , jazz standard, current EDM , everything !

That was such a good experience for me . I hope I’m gonna play with them again ; )!!

We had buffet for dinner on a break . I’m so happy ♪

See ya !!






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My schedules in July






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



This is my event  schedules in July ; )!


4th :   performance  @ Hilton Hotel in Shinjuku

7th : Naoto Kaiho@市川市文化会館大ホール

9th:  session host @ Jakaz in Akasaka

17th  : Lab. session@SOMETHIN’ JAZZ CLUB B2 in Ikebukuro

19th  :  Akane Tajima @club251 in Shimokitazawa

22nd :  MEAJYU@KENTOS in Ginza

23rd:  session host @RPM in Shimokitazawa


Tomorrow I’m performing at Hilton Hotel in Shinjuku!

the member

Key&Vocal :Silver Rhodes

Drums: Alex Dale 

Bass: Juna Serita

I saw their performance last month .  They are dope !! I’m really looking forward to performance with them.


Today’s Juna ‘s Kitchen

・Stir fried broccoli /ham/ egg

・Miso soup which has tofu and aosa(seaweed )


See ya!!






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Healthy life….






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Recently I was slacked about everything . Especially about the health .  

My schedules were so hectic , so I couldn’t afford to think of myself . My life style was not good these days . Like  I take 3 cup of coffee a day (for me it’s not good thing, which means I count on coffee too much without sleeping ), I eat only doughnut a day(That was only sometime tho. this i.e. because no time.) , something like that.

So , I thought I should take foods which can make my body better !!! I meant , not only snacks lol

Today’s Juna ’s Kitchen !!

・Stir fried meat and vegetables (potato , onions ,beans )

・Miso soup which has to-fu and seaweed 

I can cook only  something easy when I have lots on my plate….  

It was still nice ; ) I used olive oil / pepper salt  as seasonings .

I usually upload my cooking picts on my instagram’s story . Check it out ;  )




! Juna Serita’s instagram !


In July , in my opinion  my schedules were kinda packed but seems like my schedules are totally full this month !!!

The reason is that I’m gonna perform with new artist that I haven’t played with ever .


Anyway  I have to keep to have my good motivation whole month !!! Because I wanna play better !!

 See ya!!!!






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Juna Serita Band first show @ Shimokitazawa RPM



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had my band Juna Serita Band’s  first show in Shimokitazawa RPM !!


Bass & Vocal : Juna Serita

Guitar : Ryan Carter

Drums : Kenny Mosley


My many fans came there, appreciate !! The ticket was sold out.

A fan who couldn’t come because of the health sent me a big cute bouquet of pink roses!! whaaaaaa!!

Thanks ♡♡

Everybody knows me but I wanted to let you guys know how great my member is too; ) !!

Guitar Ryan Carter

Drums Kenny Mosley

And me ,Bass & Vocal Juna Serita ; )

set list:

There are lots solo parts for each members ; )!!

About e, I played bass solo almost every songs .lol


1. The Princess of Funk

2. Spark

3. Lovin’ Music

4. Baby I like what your doing to me

5. I’m ready

6. Dishonest man


7. Tiny Voice

8. Ace of Aces

9. Get the funk out ma face

10. No Tears Left to Cry

11. Ghetto Queen

12. Hallucigenia

アンコール: Superstation


We performed both cover songs and my original songs.

I played one song without any members , I felt so nervous but many people told me the song is great especially lyrics !  I’m so happy to hear that ; ) !!yey

On encore song superstition , my guest vocal yolis and  my guitar friend Isamu Hoda  sat in !!

I just played with Hoda -san day before yesterday as Jeff Beck Tribute Band ; )! We’re doing it once in three month ; )


Anyway thanks for coming everyone !!!!

How was it? Did you enjoy ?

It was our band ‘s start point, we’re gonna go far from here !!


Oh I wrote on this blog before, but we’re talking about the band name. Juna Serita Band is too normal , nothing special .

So, from today , the band name is


” Juna and The Sauce  “!!


Isn’t it cool ; )!?


A fan said to me “how about 「 Juna and beard guys 」 ? “. lol  That make sense .lol but sometimes the guitar player Ryan shaves his beard .lol I shouldn’t take the name .lol

I’m really looking forward to Juna and The Sauce ‘s next gig !!

See ya ; )!!


_________Pickup event schedules ________


6/23 yolis & Juna  @Jiyugaoka hiphen


7/1 Juna Serita Band @ 下北沢RPM





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