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Hey guys ! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!


Today ‘s Juna ‘s Kitchen : )

・stir fried meat , bean sprouts and eggs

・miso soup which has seawead and konnyaku

I often upload pictures of Juna’s Kitchen on Instagram story . Then  a person told me my cooking usually looks yum but too simple .

I have nothing to talk back .. lol  It’s okay .



Anyway , time flies . July will finish and August is coming !!


My next month schedules .



⭐️4th  SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT @ Yokosuka US base

⭐️8th @Hilton Hotel

⭐️10th Midnight session@Shimokitazawa RPM

⭐️11th  Rie a.k.a. Suzaku @ Okachimachi jam session

⭐️16th session host @w.jaz

⭐️19th SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT @ Yokosuka US base

⭐️19th session host @Shimokitazawa RPM

⭐️20th session host @Akasaka jakaz

⭐️21th Lab. Session @Ikebukuro Somehin’ Jazz Club B2

⭐️31st  Rie a.k.a.Suzaku@ Shimokitazawa LIVEHOLIC


Why don’t you come to see me ; ) ✨?



See ya !!






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