Naoto Kaiho @ Ichikawashi-bunnkakaikann




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a hall concert of Naoto Kaiho at Ichikawa-shi Bunkakaikan in Chiba.


He is musical star ! So most songs on the set list are musical song.

I hadn’t played kinda musical songs ever actually.

At the first rehearsal day(day before yesterday ) , I got music charts and  we played  at sight .  I even didn’t know songs too ….

The songs are totally different with that I normally play. Change the rhythm many times ,change the tempo many times , there are many complicated “rit “, I was confused, so I practiced by myself all day for understanding songs after that.

Now actually I’m really into it because super dramatic !!


I was very nervous but I could relax after it was started .

Anyway the vocalist Naoto Kaiho is fantastic . I got shocked when I hear his voice for the first time. His voice must be one in a billion !!

Appreciate for the good opportunity .


With the guitar player Osato-san ; )!! Thanks for teaching me a lot !

After the concert . I couldn’t help my appetite …..

Curry ; )


See ya!!!







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