Buffet : )






Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !!


Today I went take a vocal lesson .

I was checking Juna and The Sauce first show ‘s video  Yesterday .

I thought especially vocal is my weak point .
My target should be “ not being a bass guitar player who can sing too . Being a bass guitar player who can sing too AS A VOCALIST “


After the vocal lesson I headed to Hilton Hotel in Shinjuku for performance.

Actually it is my first time to perform at hotels .

Thanks for involving me guys : ) !!


Keyboard & Vocal : Silvère Rhodes
Drums : Alex Dale
Bass : Juna Serita


We played 30 minutes × 4set

They have tons repertories .. old school , jazz standard, current EDM , everything !

That was such a good experience for me . I hope I’m gonna play with them again ; )!!

We had buffet for dinner on a break . I’m so happy ♪

See ya !!






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