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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Recently I was slacked about everything . Especially about the health .  

My schedules were so hectic , so I couldn’t afford to think of myself . My life style was not good these days . Like  I take 3 cup of coffee a day (for me it’s not good thing, which means I count on coffee too much without sleeping ), I eat only doughnut a day(That was only sometime tho. this i.e. because no time.) , something like that.

So , I thought I should take foods which can make my body better !!! I meant , not only snacks lol

Today’s Juna ’s Kitchen !!

・Stir fried meat and vegetables (potato , onions ,beans )

・Miso soup which has to-fu and seaweed 

I can cook only  something easy when I have lots on my plate….  

It was still nice ; ) I used olive oil / pepper salt  as seasonings .

I usually upload my cooking picts on my instagram’s story . Check it out ;  )




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In July , in my opinion  my schedules were kinda packed but seems like my schedules are totally full this month !!!

The reason is that I’m gonna perform with new artist that I haven’t played with ever .


Anyway  I have to keep to have my good motivation whole month !!! Because I wanna play better !!

 See ya!!!!






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