long day




Hey guys !! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

This morning I was jamming at a studio in Shinjuku with this funny guy called Mark .

It was our first time to jam but that was perfect !lol

We’ll do it again !! That was such a funny time .lol


And after that I went to see this show !!

I know PENGUIN well !! I used to play with them as another act .

And the bass player introduced the guitar player called Jun Sumida who plays in September 6 .

I really enjoyed both two bands !!

Probably I’ll play wth Jun Sumida in near future . I saw his playing first time but that was amazing !!

Penguin is so entertainers as usual !!!



After the show I went to see my friend’s performance  to Hilton Hotel in Shinjuku .

That was …. very nice atmosphere , I was a little worried my fashion is  decent or not …lol

I was gonna only listen to their playing , but the drummer Alex let me sit in !  We jammed  Chameleon .


Keyboard & Vocal : Silvère Rhodes

Bass :Juna Serita

Drums: Alex Dale


That was incredible !! I do love this keyboard player ‘s phrase ,and he is not only a keyboard player  but also dope vocalist !! And my friend Alex leads me , appreciate !


That was kinda long day, but I really enjoyed everything !!

Thanks for the nice day everyone !



See ya!




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