Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today also I went to the gym . I have much muscle pain in my lower body, so I trained abs this time.

I worked out only 1 hour but I feel good : )

This is the protein juice that I took for the first time today . Tastes cocoa .

It is so nice ! Nowadays most convenience stores have two kind of protein juice . I think this tastes is much better than another one!! The amount is also just right ; )!


At night I went to see my friend Richard’s performance at Akasaka Crawfish .

I do love his worm voice . Surely that  is the gift given by got.

I ran into a vocalist Misaki there. 

She is always attractive ; ) !!

I was just audience today but I joined the after-party ,too. lol 

That was a fun time ; )♪


See ya! 



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💖6/23 yolis & Juna  @Jiyugaoka hiphen


💖Juna Serita Band @ 下北沢RPM




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