Session host @ Akasaka Jakaz






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I had a jam session as host member at Jaka’z Akasaka .



I’ve known this place since I was student but actually it’s my first time to come here.

He is the owner we got to know 5 years ago maybe . He also plays the guitar .


The host performance , every songs were kinda new for me . Part time lover( Stevie Wonder ) , honey ( Erykah Badu ) , etc..

The vocalist of host member is actually 17 years old ..! I just thought wow !!!!! She is so good , both vocal and personality.  I was very impressed by her.


Many instrumental players came there , appreciate !


I really enjoyed jamming with you guys.

And I liked this place! My only complaint is they don’t  have any meals , they have only snacks . ; ( Lol


That is not a big problem tho .  I hope I’ll be jam session host there again soon !



see ya !


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💖5/20 Lab.  @ Fussa Cafe de Noel


💖6/23 yolis & Juna  @Jiyugaoka hiphen


💖Juna Serita Band @ 下北沢RPM




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