Ikego friendship day 2018 & jam session






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT had a performance at Ikego US base in Zushi, Shizuoka!

It was really beautiful weather , maybe I got sun-tan more..?

Actually , on the time table, the band name was written SHOKA OKABU ,but it is wrong ! lol 



Today’s SET LIST

1I wanna take a limo

2 Who did you think I was

3Soul Shine

4 Crosscut saw

5I’m yours and I’m hers 


7The other side of me


9Funk Rap

10Good to your earhole

11No one to run with

12 Crocodile tears

13The JAM

Thanks, always fun to  play with Shoka Okubo and Emi Yonekubo!

I needed to come back to Tokyo ASAP after the performance because I had another event .

So I couldn’t eat Navy burger ; (! I wanted to try it ; (!



At the night , I had a jam session as host member at JAM SESSION in Okachimachi, Tokyo.


Today’s host member

Gt. Naoto Saito

Ba. Juna Serita

Dr. Yu Sasaoka


I played not only  my electric  bass guitar , but also other kind of instruments.

A bass guitar player let me play the ukulele bass .

This is small and right but sounds great !!



drums…..  ; )


I suck at it but I do enjoy playing the drum !!!  I look so  serious during playing bass guitar .  In the case of drums, I’m always wearing a smile on my face !

Anyway thanks for coming everyone!!



See ya!!


_________Pickup event schedules ________


4/30 yolis&Juna session@SOMETHIN’ JAZZ CLUB B2 in Ikebukuro

Host member  Vocal:yolis / Bass: Juna Serita / Drums : Masatoshi Kanazawa/Guitar:Ryan Carter/Keyboard : Nobuhiro Takamoto/

20:00~ 23:00 charge 1,100 yen , 3drink 1,100 yen

5/20 Lab.  LIVE@ Fussa Cafe de Noel

6/24 yolis & Juna LIVE @Jiyugaoka hiphen




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