Juna’s session@Ikebukuro-SOMETHIN’ jazz club





Hey guys!! I’m  a bass player Juna Serita!


Today I had a jam session named “Juna’s session” as host member with a drummer Adam MG and keyboard player Koday Taniguchi at Ikebukuro SOMETHIN’ JAZZ CLUB B2.


Before the session I and the drummer Adam had a rehearsal at a studio because we really wanted to perform one very difficult song as host performance. lol




That was so fun !  Thanks my bro Adam!!

We couldn’t beat our appetite for food, so we went to the live music club after having dinner at my love “YAYOI KEN”♪♪♪



Many interesting musicians came to the jam session ! Drums, bass player, keyboard, guitar player,etc..

I’m always inspired that other musicians know many songs for sessions.  And they never forget . awesome……


Anyway thanks for coming !!! Next Juna’s session will take place in Ikebukuro SOMETHING’ JAZZ CLUB B2 on April 24th !!


And also today’s host member (Adam, Koday,Juna)are gonna have a gig at Higashi-Shinjuku circle on March 23rd!!

The band is  kinda fusion, jazz, progressive, and so on….

I’m sure you can enjoy the show! Book your schedule, please ♪



See ya!





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