Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I finished LA trip and came back to Japan.

Truly many people helped me everyday ….Appreciate !!!

I’m really happy even if some guys just had  hidden agendas . 3  lol


By the way I updated my web site!! You have to check my live schedule ♪♪


Juna’s live schedule 


I have a lot on my plate after coming back here…. ; )



And one more thing,  I played the bass guitar on  Germany greatest drummer Sina’s new original song!

This will be on new album which will launch  on October 2018.

Check it out !!!  I’ll be on it from 2:23.. ; )

And many Sina’s fan checked my SNS, too. Thanks guys ; )!  I’m glad that I played with her !


See ya!





☆facebook page☆



☆web site☆


3 Replies to “Japan~”

  1. Hello from Wisconsin USA, Juna.

    I just heard your collaboration with Sina, Andrei, and Victoria K. With talents such as you four, rock cannot die. That was an amazing piece, and I am happy to have been introduced to your talent as well.

    I agree that it is too cold. Here it is -4° C. Brrrr. Nice day for hot coffee and Youtube. Keep on rocking, young lady.

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