NAMM show 2018







Hey guys!!  I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I really enjoyed NAMM show 2018!!

First, I performed at D’Angelico guitar booth with Matt Schofield and Tomo Fujita!!

Thanks Matt for inviting me to perform there !! I ‘m so glad that I could play with you guys again!!!

And the following day, I performed at Vemuram booth with Adam Miller!! I really like his guitar tone!!

Then I borrowed basses from Freedom guitar and MAJESTE!!

Both of them are so nice!! Some people were interested in not only pedal,but also bass guitar!!  Because of these great products…♪!!

Thanks Adam !! I hope see you and play again this year in Japan or somewhere!!


And the last day, I and Emi performed at ATV booth. This booth is for electric drums. But there is a person who making bass guitar , so they invited me to demonstrate with Emi.

The jamming with Emi is always fun!! I was just enjoying in spite of that I usually don’t play 5strings bass.

I was interested in 6 strings…. but 5strings is also nice ; ) !!!


Thanks everyone!!!



See you next NAMM!





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