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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today my friend Andro from Australia invited me to go to Guitar Center in West Hollywood.

That was a huge guitar shop… lol

Of course there are many bass guitar,too.


We enjoyed trying.

He recommended that I play the expensive bass guitar.

Uhhhh   It’s nice, but I prefer my fender jazz bass ;  )!

Overtime, I was so hungry .  We ate Tacos♪♪

It may be my first time to eat tacos …?  I like hot testes but it was a little difficult to handle because I put too many things…lol    I like it ♪♪


And after parting , I went to The Study Hollywood by myself for jamming .

Some singers sang songs, but the others were just rapping.

I was so nervous but I sat in .  Everyone was very sweet.

Thanks .

I need to learn more abut LA style jam sessions.




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