Studio jam


Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today was also superb for me!!

I went to  a studio in Hollywood for jamming.  I went there with Uber, but I lost after getting out the car…. lol

A person who walking on the road told me how to get to the studio. Thanks man! He saved me.

When I arrived there , the jam is already started . There are many fantastic players in the room … I was wondering why I’m here…lol

He is one of the greatest bass players called Will Rob.

I just met him today. When he played my fender jazz bass, the sound was totally different…!!!!!! Oh my goodness… I really like his groove.!!

I had some sessions , but I have only a video.


The member is

Bass: Juna Serita

Drums: Josh  JBake Baker

Guitar: Mike Lis

Drums: Payge Cooper


It was really nice meeting.

I could exactly understand that I need to learn music more….; (



Thanks everyone !!!



See ya ; ) !!




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