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Hey guys!!  I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today, first I went to a church called INTER NATIONAL CHRISTIAN CENTER because my brother bass player Lin Yuki performed there .


It was a big church , I  hadn’t expected like that.  According to him, this is  Nigerian church . I liked their music so much.

And after taking nap, I went to the Baked Potato to see a Japanese guitar player Toshi Yanagi.

That was Armand Sabal-Lecco’s live show.

I didn’t have much information about him but I was very impressed by him. Feels like he’s just doing his shit !! Badass bass player.

And I shared with a guy who had a seat next to me. He is a guitar player called Polo . Is from Japan but now he lives in LA with artist VISA.

It was so delicious ♡ Thanks Polo!!   but I can’t trust that these are one person’s shere…lol   so big…lol


And I’m so happy that I could meet the awesome guitar player Toshi Yanagi finally !!!

I really liked his bending!!! And he is not only the great guitar player , but also nice guy!!!  Thanks for your kindness!!


And I ran into a dope bass players Robert Trujill from Metallica!


I’d never expected that I can meet him there.


And midnight , I went to Seventy 7th to see Loud as Funk.

I can’t help dancing  cause of their fuckin’ cool groove!!


I might come here every week .

Some musicians sat in .



There are too many nice musicians here…. Fantastic………






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