Came to LA




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!!


Today I came here in LA!!   Thanks Lin!! He’s a badass bass guitar player.    He picked me up at the airport to my accommodation ; (!! So helpful!!


And he took me to a nice hamburger restaurant!!

Woooooow I’ve never eaten Hamburg like this  !

I’m really satisfied with it!!!

And I bought some things at the nearest supermarket  for breakfast . I usually drink soy milk every morning in Japan but this time I wanna try coconut-milk ; )


At night I went to Hollywood to see awesome musicians performance !!!

They doesn’t have songs. Just jamming.  Frankly speaking , that was totally different with Japanese style….


It was fantastic… I can’t explain with my word.

And I was so happy that I could meet a bass guitar player Ethan Farmer there.  I love his groove so much…!!



I’m sure I enjoy this trip!!!


See ya










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