SOFP solo live@Osaka SO.Ra






Hey guys!!  I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today is the second day for music tour .   SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT’s gig took place in Osaka SO.Ra without any acts.

It was full !!! Super thanks!! Osaka’s people are always sweet to us.



1 Do the Funky

2 Hold on I’m coming 

3 I wanna take a limo 

4 Eye of heaven 

5 My soul 

6 Baby I like what your doing 

7 People say

8 Boom Boom Boom

9 At the foot of canal st

10 I’m ready 

11 Listen to the music 

12 I pray for world peace 

13 Who did you think I was

14 Soul Shine 

15 Crocodile tears 

16 The JAM


17 I can’t quit you baby (with Tim)

18 No one to run with

I also sang two songs as main vocalist ; ) It is probably rare case.

In the anchor , the drummer Emi’s  friend Timothy Reid sat in us! He is a guitar player and live in Osaka.

We played slow blues together . His phrase was superb!  We had a nice conversation with instruments ; )!

When I was performing , people looked so excited . I’m sure Osaka’s people love blues, funk.

Thanks for the gifts, too.

I’ll eat them little by little.


Tomorrow is our tour  final day .  Maybe the SET LIST will be totally different with today.! You should come ; )!

See ya!





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