SOFP@Nagoya Osu ell. SIZE





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT tour started today at Nagoya ell.SIZE in Aichi!


After sound check , we went to our favorite coffee for killing time.

I ordered grilled chicken and avocado .

It was yummy and healthy : )



We performed 9 songs includes anchor .



1 Do the funky

2 People say

3 I wanna take a limo

4 I pray for world peace

5 Halleluja

6 Who did you think I was

7 Crocodile Tears

8 The jam

9(anchor) No one to run with





Some SORAMIMIst who live in Nagoya also came there.  I’m so happy that I could see them again even though girls band SORAMIMI stopped.

And Thanks for great presents!!


I didn’t feel nervous so much this time . The performance with Shoka and Emi was very fine.

We really enjoyed after-party , too.  I and Shoka will come to Nagoya on March 14th with a drummer Makotomo.

Please book your schedule now ; ) !!

See ya!




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