Happy birthday to me





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


My dad brought crabs to me as present(?)

yeeeehhhhh ; ) !

I don’t have gorgeous osechi ryori but I feel so happy!!

And my mom made pumpkin cake for me instead creamy cake because I’m on a diet.

It’s healthy but natural sweet tastes !!!

Very matches soy latte .

And my fan gave me birthday present at the last gig!!!

woooooooooow it’s very useful!!!   I wanna try it in rehearsal studio with big bass amp sooner !!


And my grandmother gave me money ; ( !    I’m so poor still now in spite of that I’m not a student already…. lol




I took my parents to a omelette and rice restaurant .

I’m so happy that my mom looked fine . However my dad was saying that for him the volume is not good enough at all …..lol

He is quite overweight  , so I ‘m really afraid his health. I want him to take care and I told him it again and again but he has never accepted my suggestion ……


And my elder sister gave me a one-piece dress through my mom .

According to my sis, it is the  same with hers.

I’m looking forward to walking  by her side with the cloth .   ; )!




See ya.





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