Yuya Uchida New Year World Rock Festival





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today I performed  as SHOKA OKUBO BLUES PROJECT featuring Chihana at Yuya Uchida New Year World Rock Festival in Ginza Hakuhinkan.


After sound check, I went to Soba restaurant with Shoka . In Japan, we usually eat Soba (is kinda noodle)at the end of year. It’s Japanese culture.

However , I ate katudon(deep fried pork on the rice )instead soba because it looked very delicious.   Shaka was wondering why I don’t eat soba…lol

I’m satisfied with it♪♪

Anyway, I’m so happy to perform here again!!

Perhaps majority of people must be  so busy today but thanks a million for choosing to come to the gig!!

Today’s member

Gt.Vo Shoa Okubo & Chihana

Ba.Cho Juna Serita

Dr.  Makotomo Sonohara

It was fun time. I really enjoyed the performance.

If you couldn’t see it , you can check on TV on January 7th. ; )

SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT’s drummer Emi Yonekubo came to see us ; )!

I was really missing Emi !!!!! She is one of my few friends…!!  Shaka , Juna and Emi will go on tour  in January . I’m looking forward to performing with Emi again.


All acts were awesome. Especially I’m really inspired by Naoto Takenaka’s performance .

In my opinion , he is very famous as an actor . Today he was not only singer , but also entertainer !!!  And he smells pretty good actually….♪


Thanks Mr. Rock’n Roller Yuya Uchida for inviting us.

I wanna perform next year, too…♪

Happy new year you all!!

See ya.






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