Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today’s meal menu


smoothy (protein + acai+milk+soy-milk+green juice)/apple/

lunch: cream stew/avocado /almond /


snack :vienna sausage /cheese /cream puff /



Today I went to Shibuya for buying new costume .

First, I couldn’t beat my appetite…..lol  So got in dumpling restaurant .

It is deep fried dumpling , deep fried chicken , and some vegetables …   These were nice but frankly speaking I prefer more natural tastes. (For me it was kinda salty.)

But other menu (baked dumpling and boiled dumpling )was fantastic!!

If I have a opportunity, I ‘ll come here again ; ) !!


overtime, I visited SHIBUYA 109 but there is  no my cup of tea and also expensive…

So I went to FOREVER 24 after 109.

There ware many clothes that I like!!

It’s so elegant !!!! Don’t you think so?

I’m a little worried whether I got fat too much or not…. ; (

Anyhow I can’t wait to wear my new costume ; )!!!!!



At night , I had a meeting with a guitar player Atsushi Shido for gig in April .

According to him, the gig ill be kinda metal music.

I’m looking forward to playing it because usually I don’t have a opportunity to play metal music on the stage. : )


Anyway, I have final gig in 2017 tomorrow .

Have a nice year everyone.




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