The last day in the Philippines for studying abroad



Hey guys! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

TODAY’S meal menu


pineapple / potato / kimchi / rice porridge /


bean sprout /  some Taiwanese foods (made by Taiwanese student. isn’t it incredible !? I’m a big fan of his cooking!!JMy classmate James!!)/ rice / kimchi


spinach / boiled pork / Korean pan cake / soup / kimchi /


Finally today I left the school at the night .

I’m happy to eat dinner with my close friends Estor ,Sera,Yuki.

When I came in front of gate , Estor had prepared a taxi. How sweet you are … ♡

And we went to the bus station together. The time I spent with her was so short , but she is one of my important friends.Thanks.

I got it in the bus.


My Japanese life is coming soon : )






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