Have I improved….?





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Actually I’m afraid whether I could improve or not .

I can’t say about it exactly , but I have a result of test .  It may be clue, right? :)


I’ve studied  in IELTS course for 6 weeks.

First,my enroll exam result was


Listening: 3.0

Reading: 3.0

Writing: 3.5

Speaking: 4.0

Overall band: 3.5


And the final exam result…

Listening: 4.5 (1.5↑)

Reading: 4.5(1.5↑)

Writing: 5.0(1.5↑)

Speaking: 5 (1.0↑)

Overall Band: 5 (1.5↑)










Nothing special …. : (   So of course  I can’t be satisfied .


I wanna take part in official exam in near future ; ) ♪


Break a leg♪





TODAY’S workout

3sets of 2 min pranking 

3sets of 1min side pranking





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