day80~wearing shorts is taboo in Baguio City ..?~



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




apple / stir fried rice / sausage and egg sandwich / soup / coffee /


sweet corn  salad / vegetables  / kimchi / vermicelli soup / deep fried chicken /


tomato / spinach / potato / coiled chicken / miso-soup / kimchi /


Today I was wearing shorts ’cause my all long pants have gone to laundry .

When I got in the classroom, my writing teacher told me “Please wear long pants!!”

It beat me why teacher said so.  I just asked why I need to do that, and I like shorts.

Then the teacher explained the reason.


「There is saying that

Magsaysay got extended because of tourist wearing pek-pek shorts . 」

First , I didn’t understand what she meant .

According to her, Magsaysay is name of the road in Baguio , Philippines , and  many prostitutes who wearing shorts and sleeveless  stand on the road to catch men .

Nowadays a lot of tourists including me wearing shorts in Baguio  , And majority of  residents  don’t wear it.

That’s why a parson said the line got extended by tourists.


The meaning of “pek-pek”is female genitalia in Tagalog .


Oh I didn’t know about it at all….


We shouldn’t wear shorts in Baguio.  She said in Manila and Cebu are no problem .


Now and then  the difference of culture is difficult …..



See ya!




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