Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




curry / melon / kimchi tuna / bread / rice / soup / a cup of coffee /



stirred beef  / kimchi soup / spinach / Korean lettuce / Korean pancake /


kimchi / soup / bean sprout / stir fried bitter melon and egg  / macaroni fruit salad / keema curry /



Today when I run into a teacher who usually works at help desk , she asked me when my graduation is.

I told her that it is Thursday and I’ll leave here Friday night. She looked very surprised and said to me I’ve adapted to  Baguio ‘s life more than other students , that’s why she had expected that I’ll extend my studies plan . lol

Noway, I can’t spend money here anymore and my schedule in Japan as a bass guitar player is already fixed  . I want have a gig soon.♪


However , certainly I’ll miss my friend and some teacher .  ; (  ; ( ; (



BTW we often discuss about each countries news in the class.

Unfortunately I don’t check at all…. So  when teacher asked me about Japan,

「S….sorry .. even if I can talk in Japanese about it, I have no idea actually…」

My classmates ware laughing .

There was nothing I can say  ; ( I’m so embarrassed ….






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