day76~Vigan sweets~






Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today’s meal menu 


kimchi / egg and bittermelon / broccolis / a bowl of soup / pasta /


cooled beaf  / bean sprout / potato / kimchi / a bowl of soup /


I overslept this morning…. what a lazy woman I am..

Some of my friends came back to the dormitory from Vigan .


They gave me Vigan’s soul sweets ♪♪ Happy !!!


Thanks my Japanese friend Yuki!!

The chocolate brownie was so good!!

And my Taiwanese friend Joleen .♪

She works as English teacher in Taiwan.  The conversation with her always makes me inspired .

It’s like a rice cake…?  Not too sweet, it is just right.  I love it ♪

I really have many great friends


BTW, my close friend Haru has left here and she’s in Australia by now .

Which means, we lost one basketball member…. ; (

I’m missing her so much but I know she does enjoy her own  life there.

; )




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