Hello, I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


TODAY’S meal menu


sausage and cheese sandwich / papaya  / stir fried rice / soup / black coffee /


cooked potato / spinach / stir fried egg and tomato /  stir fried beef / soup /


cooked to-fu / tuna macaroni salad / kimchi / cooked vegetables / soup / boiled chicken and potato /



Actually, I’ve brought only few protein powder from Japan .


I wonder why I didn’t bring more in spite of the fact that I could expect the school meals don’t have enough protein for me. What a stupid woman I am… ; (

Although, my suitcase was full then, so it couldn’t be helped. : (

Therefore , I had been trying to not take protein powder with short time exercise .  This is my final protein I brought .


However , I have a plan to get new one……. maybe tomorrow…….

I can’t wait!!  ; ) !!!






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