day71~Ferewell ~



Hey guys!! I’m  a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




stir fried rice / cabbage  / watermelon / soup / black coffee / bread /


pineapple / kimchi / deep fried chicken /deep fried to-fu / bean sprout / spinach /


seaweed soup / noodle / hamburger/ kimchi / stir fried meat and vegetables /



My sister Jenny left here …. I really missing you.


She is an attractive woman.  I’m also one of the big fans of her.

The term we spend together is short , but I have many memories of you..

Ate too spicy Korean food.

Walked a lot for eating delicious pan cake .

When I got sore eyes, you visited to me and talked about her daily stories.

I’m so happy that I met you.  I’ll never be able to forget your pretty butt !


I hope you’ll succeed .



See ya!






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