Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




banana / raisin bread / banana soup /


kimchi / stir fried bean sprout and vegetable / fresh vegetable / cream sauce pasta / soup /


kimchi / potato / spinach /meatballs/


Today also I was looking for the bar which has live band .  I arrived on session road around 7 : 30. My favorite bar concoction usually starts performance at 9 PM maybe , so until then I ended up looking for another bar in down town .

The taxi driver recommended a dance club called Alberto’s to me. Over time I found out . I’m sure the it is an long established club ’cause the first letter “A” was lost. lol


Juna「What kind of bar here is?」

guard 「Live disco. 50PH entrance fee. 」

「Ah okey,  is it possible to join the live band?」


「It’s impossible?」

「Ye..Yeah.. sorry ma’am 」

What a shame. It couldn’t be helped..


After that ,  band sounds caught my years .  I realized the place has a good equipment . The song I heard  on the road was Le freak by chic.

When I arrived at the place, I asked to security  guard .

「Excuse me,  is it possible to join the performance?」

「Maybe …. 11 PM. I ‘ll ask the band . Let me know your number . 」

「I see. Thanks. Now it is too early , so I ‘ll be back here around 11 PM.」

「Okey , anyway text me then if you want to join .」

「K~ see you later.」


I thought I can afford to go to Concoction before PADI’S POINT. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough money, so I ended up going there on foot.

When I asked some people how to get to the bar concoction , many people said to me just take a taxi because it is not located within walking distance .

Then, I thought they just don’t like walking . I do like walking ,so it must be not so far for me.



However ..




It was true.  ; (

I am so sorry that I doubt them.  If I’m familiar with around here, it would be no problem.  Still ,I don’t know well here in Baguio, so I felt it was so far. And a little scared ‘ cause the lights on the way ware only few… : (

Finally, I reached there. The atmosphere was kind of different with usual since they were playing hardcore….lol

It was full of young people. Probably the band is very popular . I thought the seat is unavailable .


Therefore I gave up and went back to PADI’S POINT.


The band was performing some American hit songs . Such as Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars .

All of a sudden, the vocalist said ” Japanese ○×△☆♯♭●□~~”through the microphone.  I couldn’t catch what he said, but I thought it is the time to join them  since there was no Japanese except me there.

I went up to the stage, and waited  .

I felt awkward ‘ cause I was sitting on the chair on the stage. lol

The good things for me was that  I could watch their performance at close range!

Surprisingly , They all are singers ,in addition to instrument players. Above them, the voices ware fantastic!!!  So I couldn’t helped being surprised every time that the vocalist changed.

After that, I borrowed the bass guitar from him .↑♪♪

Thank you for your kindness ; ) !!


the vocalist「Juna? Where is your friend??」

Juna「No… I ‘m alone.」

「Why !? lol  Your boyfriend is in Japan!?」

「There is no my boyfriend anywhere.  ; (」

Over time, our jamming started.



The bass guitar player was a 5 strings player . lol

Unfortunately , I have never had a 5 strings bass guitar. It confused me so much.  ; (

Still, the bass guitar player guided me … How  kind person you are.. Thanks a million.

And then, he asked me “Can you play solo?” about my ears when I was playing the bass guitar.

“m, maybe….”.

“Don’t worry, just a little ! try!!”

I couldn’t play solo as I want to…  ; ( I’m so embarrassed .

Anyway, I just focused on my play then.

The audience got hot little by little.!!  Finally,  I was relieved when I saw their satisfied faces .

And,  I and the guitar player had a good conversation in bass&guitar. ; D   He was amazing !!

I got more curious about Filipinos musicians.  I hope I could stay longer, but time fries. In particular , I wanted to visit Manila and Cebu for music,too.


I had a great time : ) Thanks everyone.

I look so happy.  lol







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