day66~meals for building body~




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




Cheese and sausage sandwich / apple / ramen / stir fried minced beef and potato / rice / a cup of black coffee /


stir fried meat and vegetables / fresh salad / kimchi / sweet potato / deep fried fish / vermicelli soup /


kimchi / tomato seasoned with sugar(I wonder why… )/  broccoli / deep fried vegetables / cooked chicken / soup /


I was happy since today’s breakfast had protein more than usual !!  It always beats me why this school’s breakfast is mostly only carbohydrates … : |   (there are platens and vegetables now and then, though.)

When I talked about this story to a teacher , she said that this is because breakfast!We need to take enough calories  for working all day!!Breakfast is most important!!That’s why we should take carbohydrates in the morning!!

….hmmmm, of course it also can be..    I had many ideas about her opinion , particularly  I wanted to tell her only carbohydrates is not enough for building muscles .  Although, I realized it would be difficult to explain about it well  in English, and also takes time.  As a result I just gave up …  embarrassed …


The reason I’m talking about protein now is that these days I’ve restarted building my body for next gig in Japan.

I hate to show up in front of my fans with my current body cause I got fat  : (  I’ll manage until then.

Unfortunately , definitely it’ll be hard on me to build body with only school meal in addition to I don’t have enough time to exercise .  Still, I wanna stay being musician.

I should just do my ass off….ω



See ya!!




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