day63~My ass is crying…~





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



banana / french toast / oatmeal /


kimchi / spinach / fried eggplant / watermelon / dumpling soup /


stir fried vegetables / meat / vermicelli soup /



Today I have terrible diarrhea .. It started day before yesterday midnight . Then it was right .  So, I thought 「Now, it is a chance to eat snacks cause I don’t get fat!!」 

What a glutton I am….  : (  I ate too much snacks as a result I suffered by heavy  watery diarrhea all day today.  I should be embarrassed about my act .. : (

I worked out seriously , but my stomach can’t accept foods  which have protein cause of diarrhea.. I’m so afraid whether my muscles get rusty ….  ; (

In addition, I have a sore throat and voice treble ,too. My friend Terumi made ginger honey drink for me.

Thankful Teru. You are my angel ..


Anyway my ass is crying…  I need to take good care about it.  I feel so sorry of my ass…. I hope my diarrhea and ass will get better soon…..


If tomorrow it won’t  change, I need to stop eating meals. : (








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