day60~steal phrase ~





Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Today’s meal menu


banana/ sunny side up egg/raisin bread / soup /fresh vegetables / stir fried rice / black coffee /


tomato / kimchi / rice / cucumber / sweet potato /soup / beaf and teokbokki  /


soup / bitter melon stir fried with egg / deep-fried potato stick / kimchi / stir fried vegetable / fish /


In my break time I was learning phrase of one of my favorite bass guitar players “Yoshida kun”(Yuya Yoshida) “.    I got to know him at Ikebukuro somethin’ jazz club in Tokyo around 5 months ago maybe. He is only 16 years old…  I had a doubt about his age as I didn’t want to believe .  : |

He is the  groove muster . I can’t explain how marvelous his play is in my words , either  English or Japanese.   incredible backing groove , moreover his surpassing solo play. That is why I’m stealing his phrase : D


When I told him that I copy his phrase now and then , he was laughing  : D


I’m keen to be much better bass guitar player than now  : (




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2 Replies to “day60~steal phrase ~”

  1. Hi,Juna! How’s goin’?
    I feel you.
    Yoshida-kun is young and very nice groovy bass player.
    Actually, I found him a week ago. And I was very inspired.
    There are so many talented, young musicians in Tokyo.
    I scare of them. haha.

    BTW, I’ll message you about next English conversation schedule soon.

    1. Hi Hide! It’s going well so far : )

      Oh, you mean you found him when you were in Tokyo? Yeah I’m pretty sure Tokyo is the best city in Japan for music after all. I prefer Osaka to Tokyo if I say about people, but I cannot move since I wanna stay on music job.

      Yeah, I’ll wait for your schedules. Have a nice day 😀

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