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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




a cup of coffee / stir fried rice / bread / banana / cabbage / clam chowder /


deep fried chicken / spinach / rice / kimchi / deep fried tofu / beans sprout / pineapple  /


kimchi / spinach  soup / minced pork inside of pepper / minced pork inside of deep fried shies / gelidium jelly /



In IELTS course , I have native teacher ’s class.

Sometimes it takes time to understand what he says. The reason is that speed and connecting between words I think. However it should be real English . I need to be used to listing to his English.

I was practicing for IELTS SPEAKING EXAM in his class today.


The topic was about my experience  of trip .

All of a sudden , teacher said


Teacher 「Let me ask you a question. It is not IELTS. 」

It beat me . lol

T「You don’t look Japanese.」

Juna「……. sorry?」

T「You don’t look like Japanese girl .Are your parents from other country ?」

J「Actually, I’m 100 % Japanese.」


J「Yeah, but many people misunderstand that I am half Japanese half Filipinos. 」

T「Are you mixed of  Filipino and Japanese?」

J「No no no, I’m 100 % Japanese.」

T「Really !? she looks like Japanese?! Just opinion! What do you think !?」

Chinese student「I don’t know… I think Japanese are similar ….with her…」

T「Does she look like 100 Japanese , or no !! 」


T「Yes or no!」



J「Ah.. but many teacher told me I look like Vietnamese .」

C•S「No , I think guys just think her color….」

J「Yeah I think so.」

T「Well …. you always confuse me. Because you look…. in my opinion!  You don’t look ….Japanese….   I meant!  You don’t look  100 % Japanese. ….  Are your mom and dad also  Japanese…?」

J「Yeah, my grandma and grandpa are also Japanese.」

T「(BAN)   Okey. 」

T「Well,  you are very beautiful, and you look very talented ,but… don’t look like Japanese.. I think Japanese girls are pretty, but you are pretty in different way …」


He looked unsatisfied with my answer , lol


How do I look ??




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