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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




banana/french toast / breakfast cereal /


spring rolled minced chicken / egg and potato / kimchi / stir fried vegetable / soup /




Yesterday I went eat out, and day before yesterday I was shooting bass play video  for uploading on youtube .   Which means, I didn’t get my homework over. : D    Regularly , my writing teacher give me tons of homework in particular .

Therefore , I did home work in a hurry.  This is because  I’m keen to prepare for gigs  in addition to studying English.   Fortunately , It didn’t take time as much as expected.

As a result, I was able to take the time to practice playing the bass guitar ♪♪

Currently , I’ve been practicing this songs. The reason is that I wanna have this song as my bass vocal repertory cause everyone knows this song all over the world.

Stevie Wonder- Isn’t she lovely .

Absolutely He is badass!!  I’m so into not only Stevie Wonder but also the drummer . From drum fill to the introduction fascinated me perfectly .

I have played some Stevie Wonder’s songs at the test when I was in university of music. My bass guitar master Tetsuo Sakurai recommended him to me.


I know this song since a long time ago  ; still it is not a walk in the park to play solo by improvisation for me.

I couldn’t play the bass guitar after coming to the Philippines.

Today’s practice wasn’t for improvement,  it was just rehabilitation …. : (   I was so done with my skills . It disappointed me : |  I love playing the bass guitar, so I’d love to enjoy it.  That’s why I should  practice  hard . Otherwise, I’m going to dislike playing the bass guitar because of my sounds.  : |









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