Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




watered rice / melon / potato / kimchi /


deep fried chicken / rice / fruit salad / call flower / soup /



Today, I went eat out at the restaurant called Chaya!!


It is Japanese food restaurant. I had many time to hear the name , but it is the first time I come here.  with  Japanese friend Haru,Taiwanese friend Estor, Korean friend Sera .

According to Haru, there is Japanese chef in this restaurant , that’s why we can eat real Japanese food.


tofu sarada : D!!

I love tofu!! Round tofu is so pretty ♪ In the school  usually tofu is cocked with oil and some seasonings . Therefore I ‘m so happy to eat fresh tofu for the first time in a  while!



My heard is very satisfied : D   Estor got stomachache when we’re there. I feel so sorry for her, She didn’t eat at all : (


we can make by ourself : D I love wasabi!   It was much more delicious than I expected .


I have never felt that school meal tastes bad, however maybe I forgot the tastes of Japanese foods. Today’s dinner inspired me so much.Actually I am indifferent to eating Japanese foods in the Philippines. This is because I can Japanese food in Japan anytime, I don’t need to eat Japanese food here.  Still it was wrong….


I realized Japanese dish is awesome.






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